A Deep Dive into Artificial Intelligence


At FIELD we specialise in making the invisible visible. As ever-more complex data systems are driving our lives, our focus as designers and artists is to create new metaphors that help people, brands and institutions talk about these most abstract and intangible things, that have such a vast influence on our behaviour, our communication, our existence.

Artificial Intelligence affects all aspects of our world, yet it remains one of the least understood subjects – as long as we lack the metaphors that help us understand.

Artificial Intelligence is going to affect all aspects of our world, from our work lives to healthcare, from transport to entertainment. Yet, it will remain one of the least understood, the most abstract subjects – as long as we lack the metaphors that help us to grasp, to understand and discuss.

At FIELD, collaborations with brands in automotive, technology, engineering and entertainment have kicked off a fascination with AI that we find crucial to investigate and contribute to as artists and designers.

New Aesthetics + Design Tools

We will explore new image making techniques + new interaction models built from neural networks – developing real-world applications and tools for visual design that go beyond the Deepdream Dogslug.-

- Painting with neural networks to create controllable non-photorealistic stylisations, from CG or photographic inputs

- Analyse, extract and transfer information from live-action footage to drive animation and visual effects

- Hybrid generative design merging procedural + neural processes

Describing the emergence of a new type of Second Nature

New Metaphors + Artworks

Striving to create new metaphors, our work on a new series of artworks has started: audio-visual explorations that describe the emergence of a new type of Second Nature.
Each piece in the series investigates a specific aspect of our relationship with AI, observations and implications:

- Explore similarities in the fuzzy human processes of memorising and remembering, with the blurred visual output of auto encoded networks

- Develop ideas for the gestalt of intelligent agents, living and working amongst us humans

- Find expressions for how it feels to be an augmented human being

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