Design Research


Regenerative by Design


A new era in making

A series from FIELD.Blue exploring the possibilities of making for the 21st Century. Inspired by innovative materials, processes, systems and visions for a sustainable future.

Imitating nature has always been at the core of human discoveries and development. Now, parallel approaches are emerging from the field of biology and design. The makers of today integrate biomimicry principles with bioengineering in the production process, where the resulting material is a celebration of the collaboration between the living organism and the maker.

What if materials were made in collaboration with nature?

Nature as co-worker

What if materials could adapt to new environments?

Smart materials that could metamorphose into a predefined forms.

What if materials could regenerate, have a new life?

Executive Creative Direction

Marcus Wendt

Creative Director

Mike Hughes


Joe Smith

Design & Animation

Julien Bauzin

Design & Animation

Davide Piscitelli

Design & Animation

Rosie Emery

Design & Animation

Fernando Magalhães

Design & Animation

Dan Hoopert

Design & Animation

Louise Silfversparre