Immersive Experience






Responsive Potential

An interactive and immersive light installation, proposing new metaphors for speed and agility, connectivity and volume.

The unimaginable complexity of cloud-based systems is condensed into a powerful narrative of cause and effect: A minimal design of travelling light signals illustrates how the system responds to an individual’s actions – on demand, localised, at speed of light.

The new complexities of our world, played out on a minimalist stage, made tangible as an intuitive experience.

The Cloud as Thinking Architecture of Light.

Experience Cloud Intelligence

Responsive Potential was commissioned as an artistic case-study of Microsoft Azure running SAP, illustrating how supply chains become responsive, agile and on-demand when run in the cloud.

The digital transformation of retail, made experienceable.

Commissioned by

Momentum Worldwide

Creative Director

Marcus Wendt


Alice Shaughnessy

Software Development

Jonas Otto

Design & Animation

Julien Bauzin

Design & Animation

Arnoud Peron

Design & Animation

Fernando Magalhães

Spatial Design

Matteo Fogale

Sound Design

Jochen Mader

Lighting Consultant

Andrea Cuius


Creative Capture Media

Structural Build

Commission by you