Quantum Utility Paper

Explaining Quantum Utility by visualising quantum error mitigation in innovative + emotive ways. Creating images to mark the transition into the era of quantum utility.

In a research collaboration between IBM Quantum and UC Berkeley they present evidence that quantum computers can be useful for real applications.

Redefining how Quantum Computing is perceived.

Creating an abstract visual representation of a qubit, the calculation unit a quantum computer is using. Showing the sensitivity to external noise and how error mitigation guarantees it's working efficiency.

With the confidence that our systems are beginning to provide utility beyond classical methods alone, we can begin transitioning our fleet of quantum computers into one consisting solely of processors with 127 qubits or more.

IBM Quantum

Visualising an Ising Model, representative of a complex task impossible to be calculated in efficient ways on a regular computer. Ising models are mathematical models of ferromagnetism in statistical mechanics.

The journal Nature featured the article “Evidence for the use of quantum computing before fault tolerance” on the cover of their June 15, 2023 issue.

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Julien Bauzin

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Nico Le Dren

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Margot Hofmans

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Paul Brenner


Tom Feustel

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Asako Fujimoto

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Celine Parun

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Slawek Michalt