Design Research


Sensing Spaces


The start of an on-going relationship with the design leadership team at Google Seed Studio.

A live experience project that brought together many disciplines + areas of expertise from academic research institutions to spatial design.

Our particular part in the project was to collaborate with Google Seed on developing new digital aesthetics, design with feeling, enriched by biological data sets.

A combination of remote + IRL workshops, iterative generative design + rapid prototyping phases allowed to us to collectively deliver a successful real time amplification within an ambitious timeline delivery.

Designing with data + feeling.


Delving deep into the nuances of the biological data and translating it into a real time, emotive, purposeful data experience.

Combining neuroscience, the emerging field of neuroaesthetic research – our bodies physiological responses to art, design + space with new media techniques.

A sensorial experience that gave people a heightened sense of oneself + space. x Google Seed Studio

Project Duration: 3.5 months

Commissioned by

Google Seed Studio

Executive Creative Direction

Marcus Wendt

Managing Director

Vera-Maria Glahn

Creative Director

Mike Hughes

Head of Production

Alice Shaughnessy

Creative Developer

Jonas Otto

Creative Developer

Felix Faire

Creative Developer

Seph Li