Immersive Experience





Time is non-linear and elastic. Ecosystems evolve. Mountain ranges rise and disappear into sand. Change is constant. Human presence is temporary.

Two satellites observe this fascinating play without judgment. A simulation of accelerated earth based on real-world data predictions.

DeepTime invites audiences to embark on a journey through millennia, where they will witness the slow but constant transformation of the Earth's terrain.

Exhibited in the Disseny Hub, Barcelona for Digital Impact (28th April — 27th August 2023), the artwork resonates its contemplative aura throughout the space.

A World in Formation — Disparate minerals fuse to create environment, tangible + habitable.

Human Influence — A handprint etched into the face of the earth, claiming + corrupting.

Epoch Shift — Aeons passing brings global reconstruction. Nature's grandeur remains eternal.

New creative tools + processes allowed us to bring DeepTime into the present + push it towards the future.

A continued evolution of the artwork sits at the horizon, where new worlds, possibilities + explorations await.

Artistic Director

Marcus Wendt

Creative Director

Xander Marritt

3D Designer

Max Palmer

3D Designer

Jann Choy

Executive Producer

Sinéad McCarthy

Sound Design